Date Syrup
Date Syrup
Date Syrup
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Date Syrup

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Made from premium organic dates and infused using wild-crafted herbs, our date syrup packs a serious punch of energy and nutrition making it the perfect and healthy choice when looking for alternative sweeteners and syrup replacements.


Benefits and Usage:

• High in nutrients and antioxidants

• Contains more minerals and is more nutritious than Honey, Maple Syrup or Corn Syrup (this killer is mixed into most syrups these days)

• Replaces sweeteners and syrups alike, you can use in beverages, teas or pour on your pancake, waffles, etc.

• Great for using before and after your workout sessions. You’ll notice Date syrup packs an enormous punch when you need some extra energy to get through the day hence our little warning at the bottom of this page.

• Great with desserts like ice cream, yogurt, fruits, etc.

• Great for baking or cooking

• Our Infused Variety adds some extra benefits like boosting the immune system and natural iron intake with the infusion of elderberries, sarsaparilla and burdock.






Warning: It may be, as with our experience, a bad idea to give our date syrup to your children within a certain time period before bedtime. They will not sleep, they’ll literally be “bouncing off the walls”.


Gluten Free, Organic, Kosher, Vegan