About Us

How it Began



Our Co-founder and CEO Loni Smith started having health issues at a very young age. Born with Sickle Cell Anemia, she found herself in an ongoing cycle of debilitating pain, frequent visits to the hospital, medication that masked the symptoms but never really addressed the root cause, consistently low iron levels, horrible nose bleeds and an overall lack of energy.


A Netflix documentary started Loni's search for an alternative to mainstream medicine. Loni and her husband Dane continued to educate themselves, became vegetarian but still ate processed foods and diary every now and then.

After being Vegetarians for a few years they moved on to being Vegan and with more education and lots of research they finally discovered Dr. Alfredo Bowman also known as Dr. Sebi and his teachings.


Once Loni and her husband began to embrace their new way of being she has never experienced a sickle cell related crisis again and that was almost a decade ago. Since that time Loni has had two crisis free pregnancies.


For both of her pregnancies, Loni's doctor warned that her pregnancies would be high risk and she would have complications. Loni was told that she would need to take medication to avoid those complications. Loni made the decision to solely stick to an alkaline diet and herbs, she delivered a health boy without a single complication and 4 years after a had a healthy baby girl again with no complications. Having these vaginal deliveries using no medication has certainly shocked her medical team.


They now, through Electric Healing, dedicate a lot of their time to teaching people how to transition to a healthier lifestyle.