Alkaline Lifestyle Consulting

We will sit down with you and your family on a morning, afternoon or night of your choice and thoroughly go over what the Alkaline diet is about. We inform you about what foods are allowed, give you breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas, go over necessary herbs needed to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and depending on your ailment which herbs you need for healing.


Fasting Retreats (Weekends) – Coming Soon – 
Fasting is very important on numerous levels, this service aims to make the fasting process easier by providing you with support and others to fast with and an environment that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse you in nature for the duration of the fasting period.


Getting started

So what exactly is it that we do here?

We assist people to begin eating the right way, weaning themselves off of clinical medication with numerous side-effects, leaving them with herbs and in a much better condition with more energy and little to no (in most cases 'NO') hospital visits.

We implement what has worked in our own lives and the people we’ve helped so far, and work with you. The only difference being having to work with your specific lifestyle decisions.We are not medical doctors, but simply we show you what to eat, and how to eat right, and do eventually do away with medical prescriptions.


We can help you manage the following:


We assist in making your pregnancy as trouble-free as possible, keeping your vitals and nourishment, and that of your little one where it should be.


Breast Feeding

Lots of Women have trouble producing milk after pregnancy and have to resort to an alternative for their Little Bundle. We fix this problem and get you producing milk like you should.


Weight Loss

You’ve probably tried LOTS of Diets that may not have worked for you, or only have worked for a short time. You need a Lifestyle Change! We show you how to eat!


Sickle Cell

We have the problem of Sickle Cell in our Family, our Hospital visits now ONLY comprises of yearly checkups!



Changing the way you eat and what you eat easily manages Diabetes.



If you have any dis-ease that occurs from low iron, we show you how to easily handle this.

These are just some of the common ailments we can assist you with. Contact Us today to get started!