Skin Health Package
Electric Healing

Skin Health Package

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Electric Healing Skin Health Package


Included Products:


Mineral Boost


Colon Cleanse

Parasite/Candida Cleanse


This package is put together for anyone having trouble with skin disorders whether minor or major.

As usual with all herbs and herbal products, these items works considerably better either during and after a fast depending on what the product is intended to do. For example, cleansing products like Yellowdock works well when used during your fast while supporting products like Burdock or Mineral boost works extremely well after your fast as it's absorbed much better by the body.


Yellowdock is great for cleaning the blood and also safe to take in larger or smaller quantities granted you can handle the extremely bitter taste.

Parasite/Candida Cleanse is good for ridding the body of parasites and fungus. Candida is the fungus mainly responsible for yeast infection in females and parasites are responsible for a host of problems leading to low or no energy.

Colon Cleanse is great for ridding the colon of excessive buildup allowing for better metabolism, better absorption of nutrients and overall a better digestion process.

Mineral Boost - this product is all you will need for consuming the daily required mineral needs of your body. It contains all 102 minerals we require for the body to function the way it should. It's best to use this after using the cleanses listed above as it'll be absorbed properly by the body.

Burdock is perfect for anyone looking to get rid of skin disorders or just to maintain healthier skin and organs.





All of our herbs are Wildcrafted and/or certified Kosher.